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You have selected the 45 minute option. This option will allow you to cover one area of your life very in depth, for an example:


•I am able to look into your relationship for you to see the long term & short term for both yourself & and the other person in question. If the relationship is NOT tricky/complex and all smooth sailing then it’s possible (sometimes, not always) to look briefly into another topic such as career or health very briefly. 


•If the chosen topic is more focused on career or health and you simply wish to see if you are best placed with your current company or set to move to another company, this can be covered in 45 minutes. 




•If your relationships are complicated and involve a partner who is no longer with you (an ex partner) or involves more than 1 person in question & you are perhaps at a crossroads to decide which option is best for you, then I suggest you book the 1 hour session as 45 minutes will not allow enough time to thoroughly look into each person to see what is best for you and/or if situations will change (such as people in other relationships/married to someone else) 


•If you own your own business, or are studying whilst working & possibly waiting to receive news regarding permanent residency, these readings are more complex and require the 1 hour option instead. 


The 45 minute session is $120 (plus credit card surcharges)


Cash is not accepted currently due to the pandemic situation.


To proceed with the 45 minute option click the book now button. All availability is as listed. 


To see what is included in the other time slot options, click back on your browser & click on each option for more information.


Please read here in regards to your Zoom recording



  • For all video link readings, prepayment is required through my appointment calendar website.

  • No refunds are given for change of mind, change of heart or not feeling ready.  Please do not book an appointment if you are uncertain as refund will not be issued. 

  • No refunds provided if you fail to attend your appointment at the allotted time or if you cancel your booking less than 24 hours notice.  

  • Appointment time is important due to Chloe’s busy schedule, this is equally important to you so that you receive the most out of your reading.

  • Please be patient with booking times and provide as much notice as possible prior to scheduling a reading.

  • Upon scheduling your booking with Chloe you will receive a booking confirmation with all the relevant details, if you haven’t received a booking confirmation via email, then you are not booked in.  An enquiry is not a confirmation of a booking.

  • Please note that Chloe does not do back to back readings for more than two people at one time and these bookings must be planned well ahead of time and consist only of one hour per person.

  • Chloe does not have a guest waiting room and if you wish to bring a friend or loved one please note there are several cafe's within a short walking distance where your guest may wait until your reading has been completed.

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