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I'm trying to book an appointment online but I don't see any available slots for this week?


As simple as it sounds, if there are no available time slots on the days you'd prefer, this means I'm fully booked on those days. Please do not message or email Linus or I requesting a time that is not available or an urgent reading. Unfortunately, we cannot create time.

What separates Chloe's readings from other Tarot readers?


My readings are a little different, I express openly and honestly what I see & feel throughout the reading, this includes both the negative challenges/hurdles & the positive aspects.

Most tarot readers (In my personal experience - as I don't read my own cards) only shared the positive cliché aspects of a reading, this, although is quite lovely to hear at the time, is rather disappointing as this is not reality, life has its ups and downs, to make matters worse I was never prepared for the big changes in my life that I could've turned around for the better or made easier. From these reading experiences, I promised myself I would never be anything but respectfully honest with my clients, my mission is to help my clients see a clear pathway ahead & help shed light on important decisions to show them which choice/pathway will be the best for them. We all have free will to change what we don't like, so I feel it's important to know what's ahead so we can all live the best possible life with great success, love, health & happiness.

I believe readings and guidance should be honest and non-judgmental as we all walk on different paths of life, and no one reserves the right to judge another person until they have walked in their shoes.

Prior to your arrival, I burn white sage incense to ensure that your reading is clear and unclouded. I prepare you some beautiful Jasmine blooming tea, you will feel calm with the soft chill out / lounge music, then I will start to read for you when you are ready.


What forms of payment does Chloe accept?


I accept cash for private readings. If you are unable to pay cash I accept bank transfers & PayPal deposits, however, these forms of payment must be paid Prior to your reading. Phone readings require payment to be made prior to the reading also.



Can I get a same-day reading?


Although I do my best to be flexible and work within your schedule, it is very rare to be able to book a same-day reading. Because of the number of requests I receive, in many cases my earliest available reading appointment will be 3-5 days after I get your session request via email through my contact page.

Keep in mind this information is a guide only, in some cases it can be a little longer wait time for an appointment.



Can I bring a friend/partner to my reading?


No, I'm sorry no friends, partners, children or pets are permitted to attend your appointment due to the energy of another person present can throw off the accuracy of your reading. This is your time to relax/safety reasons.  If you wish to come in pairs as most women do! there are many local cafes within a short walking distance that you may wait for one another whilst each other is having their reading.


I've been trying to ring Chloe but there's no answer?


Due to the high volume of calls I receive from regular/new clients & telemarketers, it is very hard for both Linus & I to keep track of each & every call, your best route of contact with the quickest response time is via the contact page of this website, email or text your enquiry through to 0412 752 944. Please note: It takes approximately 48 hours for a booking enquiry to be responded to due to the high volume enquiries.

I am sick at the moment, but I need a reading now, can I still book an appointment?


If you are sick you will need to reschedule or alternatively schedule to have an email reading instead. I will not be taking any sick clients due to safety reasons. I suffer from a autoimmune blood condition that causes me to be more susceptible to illness/viruses, therefore I do not want to put myself, my family or other attending clients at risk of becoming unwell by inviting unwell visitors into my home.


Do you have a party  or larger function?  

For larger functions or party bookings please email your enquiry to


Where does Chloe do her readings?


I perform my readings in a beautiful & peaceful environment at my apartment in St Kilda. Please click on Gallery to view photographs of my apartment.


Does Chloe only read Tarot Cards?


For the most part yes, I use custom tarot cards & read upright & reversed tarot. Reversed tarot is much more in-depth and offers a more detailed & accurate reading. In addition, I also use my gift and guidance to piece together names, events etc. Chloe also briefly looks at numerology and charms for further clarification if required.


Will anything we discuss be disclosed to anyone?

Absolutely not, everything that is discussed in confidence will remain that way. Please read my privacy policy regarding this.



Is Chloe single, can I book to see given that I'm not interested in Tarot?


Unfortunately, this has happened a lot from people seeing a photograph or an advertisement. No, I am not single, and I will not schedule an appointment with you if I feel your intentions are not within the realm I specialize in.

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