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Chloe is very proud to be one of Australia's highest reviewed tarot readers.

She has 5 Star rating, over 160 reviews online, both on Google business and 

If you are happy to write a review and are not opposed to have it published here, please email me and I shall organise

for it to be on this page along with some of the other wonderful people who have been generous enough to share their kind words.


All these wonderful reviews and many more I have set out below are also available for viewing on the following link.

You can also visit my Google reviews right here.

I had the best reading of my life with Chloe. Without a doubt the most gifted tarot reader I have ever met. She is calm and supportive throughout the reading and speaks clearly with great compassion. I did the zoom reading and she was so professional throughout. I had some stressful questions to ask and she helped me navigate to a decision. Truly wonderful you will not be disappointed.

Jennifer Beasley



I have been seeing Chloe for many years now. From the first time she read for me, I have been a regular ever since. Over the years, Chloe has helped me in so many ways, from career advice, to relationships and to any queries I have in mind. She has an amazing gift like no other reader I have come across. Her readings are sincere, truthful and she will let you know what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Due to covid, we have been doing zoom calls but the quality of the reading and what comes through is nothing different than in person. Chloe is not only gifted but she has empathy and will try her best to guide you in any challenges that you face. Thank you Chloe for being my friend and my counsellor. xx

Rogier & Grace

This is my 1st email reading and I confess that I am a skeptic. I had no expectation yet I was taken by a nice surprise. Without seeing me in person and without me providing her with any prior information, she gave me an accurate description of my current situation. If you could see her in person, I highly recommend you go. I wish I could! If you cannot visit her in person like me, try the email reading because this is probably as detail and accurate information as you can get from a tarot email reading Dearest Chloe, thank again for you for your honest reading and true kindness. I will be in touch!

J_F_M, Perth WA



I met Chloe through a friend who has been seeing her for a while. I was not sure what to expect from the reading at first but she was so lovely, nice and helpful throughout the whole session. She has given me guidance with my love life, friends, health and career and told me the things I needed to hear. She has given me a lot of clarity and peace of mind with a lot of things going on in my life and also gave me advice on how to approach negative things/events that may occur in the future. She has given me insightful readings throughout the whole session so you will definitely get your moneys worth! She is so amazing with what she does and I could not recommend her enough, whether you need a bit more direction, want to know more about whats been going on in your life or just simply curious about tarot reading like myself. Whatever the reason, she will definitely tick all your boxes. Thank you Chloe, I will be back in a couple of months to see how things are tracking x


Chloe is not only an incredible person but a very gifted reader. Her unique talent has brought calm in my life when I most needed it.

Guillermo Carvajal

Chloe was absolutely incredible, and by far the best tarot reader I've ever seen.

She put me at ease the moment the zoom call started, and the whole time I felt like I could speak my mind and she wouldn't judge me about things I asked or my thoughts on situations.

She listed to what I wanted to discuss, gave me clarity when I didn't understand something, and allowed me to record notes/the reading itself so I can reflect upon it later.

If you're ever wanting a tarot reading look no further than Chloe, I will be recommending her to everyone and seeing her again ASAP.

Abigail Keeley

I was never really much of a spiritual person but I had a weird dark feeling about a motorbike that I had just purchased, so I asked Chloe to read for me. I was actually surprised with how accurate she was with reading me I sold the bike.

I then organised my mum to get a reading from her and so far 2 out of the 3 things that she said would happen have happened! AND in the same timeline that Chloe mentioned they would. (The 3rd thing isn't supposed to happen until April).

I can't even explain how impressed I am with how well Chloe can read people it's absolutely amazing!

Nicholas Buckley

Chloe has been fantastic and I really liked the online session with her. She helped during a hard period of my life and, most of all, even later on she was always kind and responsive. I highly recommend her.

Giulia Tamai


Very professional and reliable talented Tarot Reader
Hard to come by
Chloe accurate and can deliver
Very happy with service and value for money
Trust Chloe

Met Chloe through a referral and seen her twice in 12 months. An angel on earth. Such a gift she has, real, genuine, straight to the point. Given me so much clarity, feel like she’s my personal counsellor at the same time. Thankyou Chloe for everything!!!! If you need clarity, direction, an open honest reading , go see Chloe.. only reader I know does month on month readings! Truly amazing!


Chloe has an amazing gift that has helped me through difficult times. She is an amazing, passionate and kind person with a big heart. Her readings are always accurate and she gives the best advice. During the readings, i feel like i can voice out my worries and concerns without any judgement. Her advice has helped me through the darkest time. I am very thankful that i’ve found such a wonderful tarot card reader and would highly recommend her.


Excellent, accurate & very honest, will definitely see again!

Thanks Chloe!

Yi Chen, Melbourne


Hi Chloe!

It was lovely to meet you yesterday and to have a reading by you! I thank you for your accurate insight.Thank you again! :-)

Angel8887, Melbourne

I had my first reading with Chloe today and it was amazing! So accurate and encouraging and she most definitely gave me a lot of clearance on a lot of issues. Really helpful reading done in a nice relaxing environment. I will definitely be back !

Kimberley Hughes, Melbourne

My appointment with Chloe was a week ago and this was my first Tarot Reading experience. I had a few quick emails with her and she advised me to have a 90 minutes appointment which was still not long enough. When I entered Chloes place, it was like entering a completely different world. I could feel it blocked away the distraction from outside so I could be real and present with her. I could say this was because when she read for my health, she pointed to a card and said this generally meant you might have problem with your hip, hands and head. The fact was that I was still recovering from an operation on my hip and hand which I had less than a year ago. Also I was having trouble sleeping recently so I would have headaches almost every day. She certainly nailed the health aspect for me! We spent most of the time on my relationship matters. Chloe helped me to read the compatibility of me and the guy I was dating. She was very patient with me when she found out there might be some trouble along the way in the next 12 months. Chloe gave me some suggestions with tarot reading to find out what might be the best solution. As I am going through my first Saturn Return period, I am very easy to become emotional. Chloe had emphasized a few times that I need to be aware of it and try not to make bad decisions based on emotions.  As a week has gone by, a lot of things Chloe warned me are happening. Some I followed Chloes suggestions, others I made my own judgement and decision which I truly regret. However, I could not control my emotion at the time so all I could do was to blame my Saturn return :-). Chloe is a very gifted tarot reader and a lovely person. I truly believe that as long as you trust her and be real and honest with her, she will be able to help you with different aspects in your life. I also know that tarot reading would require a good amount of energy from her.  So be understanding and patient with her if she emails you on the day saying she is feeling unwell. All she is trying to do is to perform optimal reading for everybody. I highly recommend Chloe to everybody and will definitely come back in next 6 months for a review.

Shelley Shan, Melbourne

I have to admit that before knowing Chloe I was not a believer of Tarot reading. Seeking help from Chloe was simply because I was miserablly confused and I was so desperately in need of any kind of help. Chloe's reading was mind-blowing and beyond incredible. She helped me find out the deep sources of my misery and confusion by pointing out almost every detail of what I've encountered. It felt like I was not just getting help from someone else but also listening to my own instincts and my heart. And the way she gave advice was like talking with a wise old friend whom I've known for years. Without her I wouldn't have found the guts in myself to finally decide to say goodbye to my past and start a new chapter of my life. This is one of the most amazing and miraculous experience I've had in my life yet. Thank you so much, Chloe.

Joe Huang, Carlton

I would highly recommend a reading from Chloe she is such a wonderful lady and makes you feel relax and tranquilmy reading with Chloe which was my first one with her she was recommend by a family member, wow wow she is amazing and very intuitive . The reading was very insightful and she mention things that only myself would know of she has very help in giving me my direction as I was feeling stuck and I had lost my direction that was why I went for the reading to receive some direction it was all positive and very uplifting .I will be going back to Chloe ,Chloe has an amazing gift to help other love light

Energy Healer, Narre Warren

I was given Chloes details by a friend who had a really positive reading from her. From the moment I walked into her apartment I felt relaxed and comfortable. She outlined the pros and cons of each card with detail and I was blown away by how accurate she was and how much direction she was able to provide me now and with moving forward. She felt what I was feeling and helped me understand it and could put me at ease. I had such an amazing experience with Chloe. She is such a kind, beautiful person who genuinely cares for others. I will definitely be back to see her in the future.

Melissa Parkinson, Carrum Downs

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