You have selected the urgent reading option. 


The urgent reading option is for those of you who feel you are in desperate need of guidance, answers, support ASAP.


For example:

If you have just come out of a relationship and are confused and struggling emotionally and need to see what is going to happen moving forward on both your side and their side, then this can offer you insight and relief rather than waiting 3-4 weeks for an appointment time. 


As a former counsellor, and someone who has experienced emotional turmoil, I can understand and help you by both offering insight in terms of future predictions on the situation at hand, hypothetical path spreads to see which path is right for you, as well as helping you with the coping tools needed for the situation moving forward, to help be your voice of reason and potentially help you prevent further damages, as sometimes we may act irrationally when emotions are running high. 


In many cases there are ways to repair some situations, not all, but if the urgent query is recent there is more of a chance that this is possible and this is what psychic readings can assist with if you are aware what is needed on both sides. 


•Urgent readings can cover anything that feels urgent to you. There are no criteria of what is defined as urgent or not. It’s all about what is important to you. 

•Urgent readings are only available via zoom/FaceTime/Skype/WhatsApp

 It will be a live interactive 1 hour reading one on one. You will be able to see everything with the view from above as per videos on the main page of this website.

•Urgent readings are carried out at a 9 pm timeslot (unless otherwise agreed with myself or Linus via text - 0412752944) this is due to my days being heavily booked with appointments made weeks prior. 


However, if 9 pm is not a suitable time there are occasionally some instances that we can work around a different time for you. Please text if you cannot work a 9 pm slot before booking this appointment, as I may not always be able to accommodate another time slot.


•Urgent readings are carried out for within 48 hours of booking, this allows you to bypass the 3-4 week wait time for an appointment, as I’m generally heavily booked in advance. 


The urgent reading option is $300 (plus credit card surcharges) Yes, the rate is much higher. However, you must note that this is an urgent option and therefore I am having to sacrifice the little personal time I have in my life to assist and help you, (and I’m happy to do so) as I know what emotional despair & anxiety feels like. This is an urgent service that no other reputable reader in Australia offers. 


Please always read reviews of your reader prior to booking an appointment. I have been Australia’s highest-rated, highest reviewed reader for 10 years now. But I believe that the reason I’ve achieved this title is that I care so much about what I do & have compassion for the people I read for. My job is to help you live your best life by being a guiding light for you. 


Like everyone else, I’m continually evolving into becoming a better version of myself as a person, as a reader, as an empath & humanitarian. I feel urgent readings are a service more readers should offer. Anyone who has experienced severe anxiety & uncertainty would agree. 


Cash is not accepted currently due to the pandemic situation.


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