Getting to know Chloe

Dear visitor, please first allow me to extend my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to you for visiting my website, and in doing so, becoming a little more familiar with both the readings I offer, and myself. I am an intuitive tarot reader who first discovered her gift of clairsentience following a near death experience from illness at the age of 21.

From that moment on, I have made it my life’s purpose to use that gift, in accompaniment with tarot, to help people just like you, shed clarity on their own life journey.

What I offer in my readings to you is honesty. I reveal both what I sense, and what appears through the cards you select, enlightening you to not only the positive aspects of the reading, but also the challenges ahead (should you have any).

Through insight, and spiritual guidance, I can help you face any such challenges on your personal path to enlightenment.

Peace & Love,




Tarot at a Glance

  • Was founded in the 15th Century in Europe by Martiano da Tortona.
  • A deck of tarot cards consists of 78 cards, all containing images used to predict one’s future.
  • Comes in a wide range of deck styles using different images, the most commonly being the Rider Waite deck, my preferred deck.
  • Can be read in both upright (traditional) & reverse (the modern method). Using both as I do provides a far more accurate & detailed reading.
  • Provides insight into your past, present, immediate and distant future.
  • Is NOT a form of witchcraft.

Thanks for sharing your experiences

To read more experiences just like these, head across to my reviews page.

This was an experience I’ll be going back for. I was referred by a work colleague and have since referred my own friends and family, all of whom had the same great experience as I did. I’m glad I made the decision to think better of my initial skepticism. Thanks Chloe!
Robert Galluzi, Sydney
Chloe is among the best Tarot Readers I have had read for me. Unrushed reading, and made to feel completely comfortable and at ease throughout. Exactly what I needed, looking forward to a follow up reading in the not so distant future. Much love xx
Christine E., Melbourne
Hi Chloe, hope your well. Just a quick note to let you know that in the 4 months since my reading with you, so much of what you had predicted has come into fruition. We did end up moving to Adelaide and the kids have settled really well after the move.
Tiffany M., Melbourne

Covering all, or specific areas of your life, and looking into both the near and long term, my readings are tailored to suit your needs and budget. In addition, I also offer phone and email readings for those who are unable to have me read for them in person.


  • 30 Min in Person
  • $60per person
  • 45 Min in Person
  • $75per person
  • 60 Min in Person
  • $90per person
  • 90 Min in Person
  • $140per person


  • 60 Min via Email
  • $90per person
  • 90 Min via Email
  • $140per person



Booking Considerations

  • Arrival time is important due to Chloe’s busy schedule, this is equally important to you so that you receive the most out of your reading.
  • Please be patient with booking times and provide as much notice as possible prior to scheduling a reading.
  • You may bring a photo of loved ones or people you’d like information on.
  • Upon scheduling your booking with Chloe you’ll receive a booking confirmation with all the relevant details, if you haven’t received a booking confirmation via email, then you are not booked in, an enquiry is not confirmation of a booking.