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You have selected the 1 question reading option. 


* ONE QUESTION reading is exactly as it states,  ONE QUESTION of ONE TOPIC only.

* One question readings are completed within a ten (10) minute time frame. If you have further questions you will need to either book for a live interactive appointment or purchase additional questions at the rate of $50.00 per question. 

* For example:                                

-Your name and date of birth.

-Topic: Career. (Is it a current workplace or are you looking for a new career?) This is the information that I require.              

-Question example: I have applied for 2 jobs in the past 3 weeks, will company (1) or company (2) offer me a position?              Plus any additional information you may feel will be helpful. Such as the type of job/field. Your education etc. 


* This one question reading will be emailed to you within 72 hours.  If there are any delays, either myself or my booking assistant will be in direct contact to you.

* Your chosen topic will be done as a PRE-RECORDED video by myself and it is NOT an interactive live video session. It is prerecorded using zoom and you will be emailed a zoom link to download and save your reading once I have completed the reading. (Please note: your recording link will only stay available for you to download on my server for 24 hour hours only, this is for your security and privacy, It is up to you if you wish to download it for future reference.) Downloading can only be successfully saved on a laptop or desktop computer.  It will not save on any mobile devices such as phones or tablets, however, you can watch them on your phone or tablet within that 24 hour period.

* All one question readings are prepaid, and you will be directed to the payment area once you click on the button below.

* Once you have made your payment, please send your email to your chosen topic for your reading, your 1 question, along with your date of birth.  If your question is about relationships, please also include the birthdate of the relevant person. 

The 1 question reading option is $50 (plus credit card surcharges)


Cash is not accepted currently due to the pandemic situation.


To proceed with the 1 question option click the book now button.


To see what is included in the other reading options, click back on your browser & click on each option for more information.

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